Expert Patent Research

PK Patent Law is dedicated to providing the highest-quality searching services for its clients. We understand that the accuracy of a patentability, clearance, or validity opinion hinges on the quality of the search results provided. We also appreciate that critical investment decisions are made on the basis of our search results. These important considerations are taken into account with every search we conduct.

We believe that our combination of technical and legal knowledge is critical in consistently achieving the highest-quality search results:

  • We are experts at maximizing the extensive searching capabilities of the Universal Public Workstations used in the Public Search Facility at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • We are experienced at examining and prosecuting patent applications which gives us valuable insight into the intricacies of analyzing patent documents and interpreting claim language
  • We have access to world-wide patent databases and non-patent literature as we recognize that the best prior art can be located beyond U.S. patent documents
  • We execute proven methodologies that results in a project-specific search strategy allowing us the highest probability of locating particularly relevant art and minimizing the probability of missing relevant art