Intellectual Property Consulting

PK Patent Law can be your guide through the maze of intellectual property law and can help you meet any legal challenges you may encounter. Whether it be patent, trademark, or copyright, our firm understands the need for effective protection of your intellectual property.


In addition to procuring patents, our legal team counsels clients with respect to identifying probable areas of infringement risk and developing strategies to avoid litigation.  Such counseling often includes conducting patent clearance studies for proposed new products, providing advice on possible approaches to design around competitors’ patents to avoid infringement, and rendering non-infringement and/or invalidity legal opinions on competitors’ patents. A client that is well prepared can often dramatically reduce the risks of patent infringement claims and lawsuits. Designing around a patent and obtaining a formal clearance opinion from a patent attorney are ways of reducing the risk of a patent infringement claim and the trebling of damages.


Our location near the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office permits us to search U.S. Trademark text and designs on the automated search and retrieval system (X-Search) in the Public Search Facility. We are experienced in preparing and filing trademark applications and preparing trademark clearance opinions.


We can guide you in obtaining a copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. We will help you assert and utilize the rights available to a copyrighted work, as well as identify areas of infringement risk.